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**Practice Schedule**

 T-Ball 1 (3-4 Yr) Practices

 5-6 Year old Practice Schedule

 10-12 Girls Practice Schedule

 9-10 Boys Practice Schedule

  11-13 Boys Practice Schedule


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 T-Ball 1 (3-4 Yr) Game Schedule

 5-6 Year Old Game Schedule

 7-8 Boys Game Schedule

 10-12 Girls Game Schedule 

 9-10 Boys Game Schedule

 11-13 Boys Game Schedule

Coaches/Parent/Players Reminders:
1. ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS WHETHER BIG, SMALL, CUTE, UGLEY, FITS IN A PURSE BAG ETC. NO DOGS(NO PETS) ARE ALLOWED ON OUR FIELDS. It is for your safety, your child’s safety and the safety of your pet.
2. Pick up trash from around you and put in trash cans. Coaches clean out dugout.
3. Provide water, mosquito spray for your child.
4. Be kind and considerate to others.
5. Parents are not allowed in dugouts.
6. Let the coach coach your child. You be supportive and encouraging.
7. No smoking or vaping.
8. No profanity or hand gestures.
9. No driving your vehicles down to the fields. Director has a golf cart for disabled people.

I have a strong 24 hour rule. For you to wait 24 hours before you make any complaints. That way you are cool, calm and make a proper assessment of any issues that may have happened that you didn’t like. Go through the proper chain of command, to coach, coach to official and official to Director.

Rain days games will be cancelled/changed/delayed by the league director. Website will be updated and coaches texted. Please do not call the FLC for rain information. We will decide on the day in question by 4:00 for weekdays and as soon as possible for Saturday. Make-up games will be on Fridays if needed.

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Calvary Martial Arts

****FEES ARE $100.00 A MONTH****
Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday held in the FLC Aerobics Room
*5:30-6:30 - White Belt thru Orange Belt - Beginner
*6:30-7:30 - Green Belt thru Black – Advanced

**Required Equipment**
*mouth piece *cup/male protective gear

For more information and registration form go to or call 318-687-4922.

 Martial Arts Registration Form

*Instructor Information: Jeffrey Newman
*4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
*Additional training in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Judo
*Instructor of TTC (Tactical Training Course)
*Traditional and free style forms
*Basic and Advanced Physical Fitness
*Student of nutrition and wellness

 Jeff Newman


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 Soccer Picture of Reed

<><><>Congratulations to all the Championship Teams for your wins and to all the teams with great improvement of play<><><>

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Congratulations to all the teams and league champions.

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